Other Engineering Partners

Champion Partner

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) have supported the Foundation consistently every year since 1991 by including a personal donation option on their annual member invoices renewing professional registration.  The Foundation has been able to grow because of the support of so many thousands of Professional Engineers licenced to practice in Ontario and the Board of Directors is eternally grateful for the generosity of so many who are working with us to increase the number of women in engineering in Canada.



Sapphire Partner

The Steven And Bruna Dengler Foundation



Ruby Partners

Staff make weekly donations
to the Foundation . . .

The Engineering Institute of
Canada was founded in . . .

CSBE-SCGAB is the technical
society of choice . . .

The Canadian Society of Senior . . .


Champion Partner  $15,000 or more per year
Diamond Partner $7,000 to $14,999
Platinium Partner $5,000 to $6,999
Sapphire Partner $2,000 - $4,999
Ruby Partner  $500- $1,999