Professional and Technical Associations and Societies

There are a number of professional and technical associations and societies in Canada — and there are many more in the United States and Britain. Many of the organizations in Canada originated from, or are off-shoots of their counterparts in the States.

Practicing engineers in Canada normally join one or more of these organizations to interact with their peers, to take part in technical meetings and to keep current. The following lists Canadian associations and societies - we will be adding non-Canadian ones to the list if there is a demand. (Just drop a note to

Professional and Technical Engineering Associations and Societies in Canada
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Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada

Canadian Geotechnical Society

Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society

Canadian Nuclear Society

Canadian Society for Bioengineering

Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering

Canadian Society for Civil Engineering

Canadian Society for Engineering Management

Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Institute of Canada

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Canada (IEEE Canada)

Canadian Society for Senior Engineers