“I am sincerely honoured to have won this scholarship which represents me as an ambassador for engineering. I represent one of many who volunteer on a regular basis to promote engineering and science to youth. To me, winning this scholarship is about highlighting the good work of women, in honour of other women.”

Donna Beneteau
Vale Masters Scholarship
Winner 2010

“As an engineer, I have been extremely fortunate to work alongside wonderfully talented people, and to meet enthusiastic engineering students. I am thrilled to take part in the efforts of the CEMF through the Claudette MacKay-Lassonde scholarship, which provide me with opportunities to meet even more aspiring engineers, and to open the eyes of young men and women to the amazing world of science and engineering.”

Louise Meunier
Claudette-MacKay Lassonde Scholarship
Winner 2010

"It is an honour to have received the CEMF 20th Anniversary National Scholarship for Women in Engineering. This scholarship will allow me to pursue my studies and will motivate me to continue volunteering and getting involved in my community. Engineering is a profession where women can be leaders and where their contributions can lead to many great accomplishments."

Silvia Fernandez Avila
20th Anniversary National Scholarship for Women in Engineering
Scholarship Winner 2010

“It is an honour to be selected and to have the opportunity to support [other] women in engineering. Thank you for selecting me as this year’s recipient of the Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Scholarship winner.”

Erin Hansuld
Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Scholarship
Winner 2009

“Receiving a Foundation scholarship not only gave me the financial support I needed but also the confidence to be a good role model and the enthusiasm to pursue the cause.”

Kerry Black
AMEC Masters
Winner 2009

"It was so rewarding to be welcomed into the "CEMF family" at the Awards Luncheon in Winnipeg. Support from an organization such as CEMF builds confidence, provides guidance and promotes professional accountability. I am very honoured to have been awarded the Claudette-MacKay Lassonde Graduate Scholarship of $15,000."

Tiffany Edgecombe, EIT
Claudette-MacKay Lassonde Graduate Scholarship
2007 Winner.

“Four years ago I entered a new world...the engineering one! At that time, I was not sure that I had made a good decision. But with the help of your association, it became clear to my eyes – I was going to be an engineer. CEMF was a crucial starting point for me. It not only helped me financially, but I also had the chance to get in touch, for the first time in my life, with professional engineers. Thank you for all that you are still deploying to give the opportunity to future female engineers to find their path through this extraordinary profession.”

Véronic Tétreult, Bacc.Ing.Civil
2005 CEMF Engineering Ambassador Scholarship Winner


“The CEMF award is great to help me pay for my tuition. It not only benefits me, but the pride and excitement of being an award recipient also extends to my family. When I received the award the Dean of Engineering at McGill organized a lunch that I attended along with 2 board members from CEMF. Meeting these two women and having ongoing contact is such a plus for me as a student.”

Tina Chen
CEMF Undergraduate
2001 Winner