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Established in 1873, Polytechnique Montréal is one of Canada’s largest engineering education and research institutions. With over 9,000 students in undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral programs, and an annual research budget 100 million dollars, Polytechnique ranks first in Quebec both for its student population, and the scope of its research activities.  



Choosing Polytechnique means:

  • Globally-recognized engineering education
  • International calibre research led by outstanding researchers
  • Exceptional study environment
  • Top-tier services and coaching
  • A large, high-tech campus that’s host to a diverse, welcoming, and open student body, filled with ambition and energy
  • Living in vibrant, exciting Montréal



Polytechnique offers education and programs in 12 distinct engineering specialities. At a Bachelor’s degree level, 120 credits over four years leads students to the B.Eng qualification, permitting them to work as engineers in any industry field, or continue on to graduate studies.

Engineering specialities offered:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geological Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Engineering Physics



Polytechnique has over 100 graduate engineering programs (DESS, Master’s PhDs), including professional or research streams.

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Polytechnique provides opportunity for all future engineers, and is committed to increasing the percentage of women studying in its student body, as well as in its personnel. At present, 28% of the student population are women – the largest percentage across all Canadian engineering institutions. Further, Polytechnique recently became the first university to obtain a Parity Certificate from Women in Governance.


Our bursary programs encourage women to fully explore and succeed in their engineering education, and funding includes entrance scholarships, as well as exchanges and research bursaries. Funding for these awards is established by the Fondation et Alumni de Polytechnique or internally by Polytechnique itself.

Order of the White Rose

Created in 2014 as part of 25th anniversary commemorations for the December 6, 1989 anti-woman attack that killed 14 women and injured numerous others Polytechnique, the $30,000 Order of the White Rose scholarship honours a female Canadian engineering student who will pursue graduate studies in the field.


Ensuring a place for women in engineering

At Polytechnique, female students take their rightful place inside and outside of the classroom. Technical clubs, student committees and associations all have a high percentage of female student participation. Further, some student associations have the express goal of helping encourage and support the success of women engineers, including Poly-L and Poly-φ (Poly-Phi).



Poly-L : Leadership pour elles

The Poly-L Comité promotes female leadership, and works for gender equality at all professional levels.  

The Comité organizes conferences and workshops for Polytechnique students to raise awareness about cognitive bias, to bolster the ambitions of female students, and to foster a spirit of mutual collaboration, support, and problem solving between men and women.


Poly-φ (Poly-Phi)

The Poly-φ Comité was founded by graduate students with the goal of promoting engineering, from junior school or university. The Comité has notably organized a mentorship program and a series of activities with industrial partners in order to shine a light on female role models in the field of engineering.

Winners from previous years

Polytechnique Montréal is proud to have educated women students who excel academically, and also in terms of their leadership and community engagement. These outstanding Polytechnique students have been awarded a Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation bursary.

2004: Véronic Tétreault, Bachelor’s of Civil Engineering 

2007: Tyler Ball, Master’s of Civil Engineering

2009: Bouchra Ouatik, Bachelor’s of Engineering Physics

2012: Laurence Lebel, Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering



For additional information, please see Polytechnique Montréal’s official website.