Today's engineering problems require creative multifaceted leaders. The Schulich School of Engineering is helping to build them.

The Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary is located in the engineering capital of Canada. It is known for strong research, commitment to innovation and international excellence. The Schulich School is ranked among the top engineering schools in Canada and offers the highest entrance scholarships in the country. Student leadership and internship programs are helping to train highly skilled engineers who will become leaders in business and innovation. The faculty itself is home to 36 internationally recognized research chairs as well as professors who have received awards on the world stage.

Students have access to this professional and research expertise, and experiential learning through the largest work internship program of its kind in Canada.

On top of that, creative opportunities abound, with some of the most innovative joint degree programs and specializations in the country, among the largest entrance scholarships, one of the highest percentages of female faculty members and students and rich, well-rounded student experiences – including travel, teams and clubs, all funded by a half-million dollar annual Schulich Student Activities Fund.



Women in Engineering: The Schulich School

The Schulich School of Engineering has won three national awards from the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation for its Women in Engineering activities.

It has among the largest number and the largest percentage of female faculty members in Canadian universities.

It also has the highest percentage of female students among the largest engineering schools in Canada and is the first engineering school in western Canada to have appointed a female Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, who is now the president of the University of Calgary.

The University of Calgary has an active Women in Science and Engineering student organization established in 1990. WISE works towards fostering an academic environment where both female and male students can promote the participation of women in science and engineering. WISE provides a support system for students through educational tutorials, guest speakers, field trips, connection groups, a scholarship and much, much more.


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